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Representative Edmonston Joins Local Officials to Support Rail Transportation

Ascension Parish ‘s location and economy have greatly benefited from having all three modes of transportation; roads, rail and the Mississippi River. I am pleased to announce my signature on a letter to the Surface Transportation Board that regulates railways in our nation. State Senator Eddie Lambert, Mayor Barney Arceneaux and the Ascension Parish Council are signing as well. The Staggers Rail Act of 1980 made rail more competitive and efficient by rolling back government overregulation. Our parish boasts three different railroads-Kansas City Southern, Canadian National and Union Pacific. These lines connect the rail hubs of Baton Rouge and New Orleans serving local industry and facilitating international trade. “The freight rail system can be a key factor in our future economic growth by keeping freight off of our congested roadways. Railroads not taxpayers bear the financial burden to keep the business competitive. Free market competition with less regulations will keep our economy strong.”

Rep. Edmonston can be reached at or 225-647-5646.

Rep. Edmonston Commends Former Director on 60th Anniversary of APL

The Deshautelles family gathered at the Gonzales Library with Library staff to receive a presentation of resolution HR 3 posthumously commending Angelle Deshautelles for her thirty-three years of service to the Ascension Parish Library. Under her directorship the library added new locations, expanded and renovated existing locations, adding technology resource rooms as well as the adoption of adult literacy and English language programs. Congratulations to the Ascension Parish Library for their continued contribution to the people of our community!

Rep. Edmonston Commends Former Director

Rep. Kathy Edmoston
State Representative, District 88


Sep, 2020

Kathy Edmonston was an advocate for persons with disabilities long before she became a state representative in District 88. She began as an advocate helping others in the community who were having difficulty getting help in the school system. Representative Edmonston worked in the Ascension Parish School system for almost twenty-five years helping parents, students and teachers to insure student success. As a citizen advocate, she was also instrumental in passing legislation for those with disabilities to get a high school diploma. During the current health emergency, she was contacted by a Gonzales resident, Derek Storms, who needed hardware for his car due to his handicap in order to drive. The proper paperwork had been submitted, but was delayed due to many employees being required to stay at home. With the help of his counselor, Rep. Edmonston was able to track down the paperwork and secure the necessary funding to install the hardware in Derek’s vehicle. He is now back to work with a smile on his face! “Helping people is my passion,” says Kathy, “we receive all kinds of calls related to unemployment and other needs that my constituents have. It is a real joy to help each one!” If you have a need during these difficult times, do not hesitate to call her office at 225-647-5646 or email her at for assistance.

Rep. Kathy Edmonston with Derek Storms

Rep. Kathy Edmoston
State Representative, District 88


Aug, 2020

Representative Kathy Edmonston Honors the 25th Anniversary of Beau Porto Special Tuesday and Its founder Bobbie Blanchard For the past 25 years our community has been blessed with a special summer program for disabled children and their families, Beau Porto Special Tuesday. Rep. Edmonston authored a resolution of commendation during the 2020 Legislative session for the program and its founder Bobbie Blanchard. Due to the Governor’s emergency health declaration, Special Tuesday will be unable to operate this summer. Bobbie is hopeful that there will be a Christmas party in December.
On behalf of our Ascension community we would like to thank Ms. Blanchard For her years of service. Happy Anniversary!

Rep. Kathy Edmonston Honors founder Bobbie Blanchard

Rep. Cathy Edmoston
State Representative, District 88


Rep. Kathy Edmonston announces nomination for the 2020 Tulane Scholarship.